About Mountain Rock

The Mountain Rock Whey is a brand of passion created by a team of gym enthusiasts and nutritionist experts whose goal is to find the whey protein that can successfully transform your body the way you want to. Increasing strength and intensity is also our priority. We understand that everyone has his or her own unique needs when it comes to protein. We won’t stop until you are completely satisfied. No matter what your goal. Mountain Rock Whey can elevate your performance.

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Normally, physical exercise renders stress which accelerates the generation of free radicals. These free radicals pose negative consequences to body cells, making cells age faster and prematurely. Therefore, our bodies are in dire need of anti ageing substances that prevent or slow down these free radicals. Mountain Rock presents to you the unique ingredient Lanna Rice Extract, a special anti ageing rice variety. Now you can exercise without worry that you will look exhausted or look older than your actual age. Mountain Rock Protein will help improve, fix and restore your weakened cells at the DNA level. Your muscles will grow better, get powered up and even stronger after every workout. Moreover this special rice is considered resistant starch in the category of prebiotics that work similarly to fibers in promoting digestive health. It is also a good food source for beneficial gut bacteria.

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